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warn appeal

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Steam ID:


Time since warned:

Answer: less than 24 hours

Who warned you:

Answer: @Stranger 2.0

Reason for original warn:

Answer: "Sh*tPosting"

Proof(If Possible):


Reason to have your warn removed:

Answer: I don't know why this was a warning, I was simply asking for an update on military RP, I'm rather interested in seeing how fun it is.


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This was by Chandler, so he will have to do it. But he warned you probably because the post was just when as the title and a dot in the post with no further explanation.

Chnadler has to explain though... just kinda assuming.

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It was a thread with one word in the title and contained no context, you can't just make people guess what you're trying to talk about, it looked exactly like a sh*tpost so you got warned accordingly.

There is already a thread made a few months ago talking about the release date of the server which Fawx has replied to saying that there is no confirmed release date and that he will announce one when he has one, you even replied to the thread acknowledging it.

The warn that you received will not put any type of restriction on your account. I suggest reading our forum rules located here so you can prevent a situation like this in the future.




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