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1. Do NOT flame or insult other members.

2. Do NOT post links to phishing sites.

3. Do NOT post spam.

4. Do NOT share your account.

5. Do NOT create multiple accounts.

6. Do NOT post anything related to pornography, gross stuff, or anything deemed inappropriate by a staff member.

7. Do NOT troll.

8. Absolutely NO advertising! Unless you received permission from the administrators.

9. Do NOT bump threads if there is no necessary reason to.

10. Do NOT post personally identifiable information.

11. Use common sense.

12. Do NOT threat or harass anyone, even as a joke.

13. Do not post unnecessary threads/posts. 

14. Do not chitchat in the Administration section of the forums.

15.  Act professional at all times when replying/voting in the Administration Section of the forums. 

16. Memes are only allowed in the memes section of the forums! Do not post memes, caption on images, or meme quotes anywhere else on the forums.

17. You cannot have racial, sexual, or anything with profanity in your profile songs. 

18. You cannot make alts for the purpose of hiding your identity, avoiding a punishment, or to place reputation on content. Doing so will get you banned on both accounts.

18a. You cannot mass rate accounts whether if it's to boost their rep or to ruin their rep. You will get your rating permissions revoked. 

19. You cannot beg for ratings or make any threads/posts that affect ratings in anyway.


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