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  1. [DARKRP] [KALE] Staff Application

    +1/-1 I haven't seen you on the server at all that could be me tho, but you have a good application.
  2. FiveM Staff Rules and Guidelines

    Staff Rules and Guidelines These rules will be changed as the current Managers and Head Staff see fit. After banning someone always fill out a ban Report. Always give the player 3 kicks before banning, exceptions can be made if they are breaking major rules. Always get the players full story before Kicking/Banning. Before you ban someone try to get another staffs point of view. Do not abuse your powers. Do not ban or kick other staff no matter what, contact an Owner or FiveM Server Manager if they are abusing or breaking rules. Do not share commands with players. If you see vehicles on the road or the side of the road not being used delete it. Use common sense. Try to put yourself in other players shoes before kicking/banning.
  3. FiveM Rules & Guidelines

    FiveM Rules & Guidelines ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note speed limit on residential roads such as Alhambra is 40Mph and speed limit on main roads are 75Mph ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will be kicked, banned or striked if you are caught breaking these rules. *Do not FailRP. I.E pulling out a weapon bigger then a Pistol out of your back, Repairing your car in the middle of an RP scenario, using speedbost ECT. *Do not RDM. (Random Death Match) I.E killing someone randomly. *Do not cop bait. I.E going above 135Mph+ past a cop, doing burnouts in front of a cop ECT. Do not include yourself in an RP scene. I.E seeing an RP and dressing like them then saying that you are RPing with them now, always ask if you can RP with them. Do not VDM. I.E Randomly hitting someone randomly, only time you can hit them with your vehicle is if they are in an RP scenario with you. (Even if they are standing in the middle of the road it is VDM, exceptions can be made) Always delete your old vehicle after spawning a new vehicle. Do not attempt to crash the server in anyway, you will be banned without warning if we think that you are crashing the server.

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