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    Applying for Staff Do you meet the staff requirements? (Click here to view) Answer: yes What server are you applying for? Answer: Massacre Gaming / DarkRP Are you in the supporter rank? Answer: Rank : (Member) Have you read the Community Guidelines and hereby agree to abide by them? Answer: yes Have you added our servers to your favorites and plan to play there often? Answer: yes of course I love it Do you currently plan to be present at our meetings and do you plan to attend them in the future? Answer: Yes Do you plan to be an active member of the forum? Answer: Yes Do you understand that you must be connected to our TeamSpeak3 server at all times if you're connected to one of our servers? Answer: yes Do you understand that abuse of admin and/or moderator status may result in your immediate demotion or expulsion from MassacreGaming? Answer: Yes Do you understand that you must handle every situation with professionalism and maturity? Answer: Yes Are you familiar with using ULX? Answer: Yes i've use it a lot in the pass Your In-Game Name. Answer: M4phist543 Your Steam ID (Type Status in console to find it). Answer:STEAM_0:1:104977200 Your Steam Profile Link. Answer: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198170220129 Your name. (optional) Answer: Anthony Your Age. Answer: 14 Year old How many hours you have on that server: Answer: i've played on the old massacre before got shut down so I dunno but right now it's : 3.5 Hours How would you handle an rdm situation? Answer: ex : First of all I'll bring the 2 of them (If he reported it or I saw him) i'll listen what they have to say and if the guy lies i'll check the logs after that i'll jail him and warn him or i'll kick him depending how much warn he gots How would you handle DDoS threats or player threats? Answer: Already threating the server is not ok so i'll ban him perm if the players threats the server Why I would like to be considered for staff. *Must be at least two paragraphs long* Answer: Because I like to help server's Ex: stopping the Chaos because It's annoying that players wants to do some RP but always Rulebreakers so i'm here to stop the choas make sure that the server will be perfect and good as new like right the server is starting to get back to normal since it got Revived so i'm going to do my best to help players to make them happy to bring them joy and appreciation to the server i'll help bring it alive i'll make sure to take care of the people who minge, MassRDM, RDM, CDM, NLR, FailRP, Fear RP, Exploits/cheating, dissrespect our team of staff/ players, people that trolls, people that DDOS the server Time zone I live in. Answer: GMT-04:00 Eastern What is the first three Rules and Guidelines for the server you are applying for? Answer: 1. You must obey all staff orders. You cannot ignore staff or argue with staff. If we ask you to do something, please do it. 2. You cannot impersonate staff or users. If you have the same or a similar name as someone else we will ask you to change it. 3. You cannot disrespect or tell staff how to do their jobs. The staff is here to help you! Respect us and we will respect you! Other Information: Answer: oh yeah and i'm gonna invite some of my friends in the server if it doesn't bother you guys And While i'm on duty i'm very matured for me it means time to get serious I can be very active Depends when the week I have School so at 2:45 PM i'm suppose to be on but the weekend always active since 7 AM or little more

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