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  1. 【Template + Example】 Do you meet the staff requirements? (Click here to view) Answer: I do. What server are you applying for? Answer: MassacreGaming's DarkRP server. Are you in the supporter rank? Answer: I purchased permanent VIP a while back, but since they lost the donation logs, I can't receive it back. I think. Have you read the Community Guidelines and hereby agree to abide by them? Answer: I have, and I do agree. Have you added our servers to your favorites and plan to play there often? Answer: It's always been even in my favorites, and I get online always when I can. I also play too much. Do you currently plan to be present at our meetings and do you plan to attend them in the future? Answer: I do plan to go to every meeting, but if I cannot attend, I will surely ask another staff member what was discussed at the meeting. Do you plan to be an active member of the forum? Answer: I already am. I check the forums every day for my daily dose of memes and server updates. :3 Do you understand that you must be connected to our TeamSpeak3 server at all times if you're connected to one of our servers? Answer: I already plan to be. Do you understand that abuse of admin and/or moderator status may result in your immediate demotion or expulsion from MassacreGaming? Answer: I do. Do you understand that you must handle every situation with professionalism and maturity? Answer: I do. Are you familiar with using ULX? Answer: I am, from my previous staffing on MG, and Co-Owning another GMod server, that died. Your In-Game Name. Answer: Omega Your Steam ID (Type Status in console to find it). Answer: STEAM_0:1:169052608 Your Steam Profile Link. Answer: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198298370945/ Your name. (optional) Answer: I'd prefer not to say, but if it's required for business reasons I will share it. Your Age. Answer: 16 How many hours you have on that server: Answer: Last time I checked I had more than 300 hours. How would you handle an rdm situation? Answer: First, teleport the player that called for the admin onto an isolated rooftop away from role play. I would ask him to explain to me in detail what happened and who supposedly RDM'ed him. I would bring the accused player and ask him to explain in detail his side of the story. I would then check the logs for physical proof and then jail the person that RDM'ed for 120 seconds. that was the time I think the last time I checked Shayd's office. How would you handle DDoS threats or player threats? Answer: Get their details, and instantly ban them from the server. DDoS threats are strongly forbidden on the server. Why I would like to be considered for staff. *Must be at least two paragraphs long* Now, why do I want to be staff? There are multiple reasons that push me to want to become staff. Mainly, sitting on the sidelines watching minges prop block spawn, MassRDM, and RDA everyone when all the staff are either away or AFK pains me to watch. It's at those times when I really just wish I could fix everything. At times like those, I really just my hardest to help, like becoming a civil protection officer so I can arrest the minge and keep the server in check. I would always devote my personal time to help the server and the new player attempting to play Clocks on the piano from getting MassRDM'ed. If I become staff, I can actually do something. I want to help the server become a minge free server and return to its 50+ player glory like back in the old days. Since I have 300+ hours on DarkRP, I have a lot of experience with it. I've practically memorized all the rules in the MOTD. I never get warned anymore and I'm always willing to help someone in need, even if it is just a new player asking how to change his name. I'm very unbiased towards players. I treat everyone the same, even if they are my friends. I will not stand to watch people break the rules. I am also a very nice and friendly, as a friendly staff member can make a huge impact on new players interests to stay on the server. I always wish to make the community a better, thriving place for players can enjoy their time on the server. It also makes me happy to ban the one cuck who's MassRDMing. Lastly, I really want to properly finish my staffing career on MassacreGaming. Two weeks after I was finally appointed to trial mod, people stopped playing. Furthermore, I wasn't demoted or resigned, I was just put back to member because of the server resets. "if it is just a new player asking how to change his name" was my first sit on MG. :3 Time zone I live in. Answer: Eastern Time Zone - Eastern Canada What is the first three Rules and Guidelines for the server you are applying for? 1. You must obey all staff orders. You cannot ignore staff or argue with staff. If we ask you to do something, please do it. 2. You cannot impersonate staff or users. If you have the same or a similar name as someone else we will ask you to change it. 3. You cannot disrespect or tell staff how to do their jobs. The staff is here to help you! Respect us and we will respect you! Other Information: Answer: If anyone has some really dank memes, I'm the person to call. Also, I'm very good at listening to people's problems, so if you need someone to talk to, I'm your guy! I also try to keep my spelling and grammar in check, but sometimes it can get out of hand. I got something to say real quick... Abel is my favorite Mexican. Ignore any words that don't make sense in sentences, this computer has extra chromosomes.

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