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  2. [DarkRP] [Omega] Staff Application

    This application has been bumped to Tier two.
  3. Yesterday
  4. [DarkRP] [Omega] Staff Application

    +1 from me. I like how you stated you would keep an unbiased opinion when handling a situation. This is a key feature that builds trust between the player base and the staffing team. Based off of your second paragraph, I believe you truly want to help the server grow in every way possible. You were never really given a good shot before the server closed down, but I hope you get your shot now.
  5. [DarkRP] [Omega] Staff Application

    This application needs more feedback from the community! (automatic reply)
  6. Unban Request

    False trigger by the anticheat
  7. Unban Request

    +1/-1 I'm remaining Neutral until a higher up clarify's what happened.
  8. Unban Request

    Cheat bans come from the console detecting a script. Not a climb swep. I know you used to get kicked for to many b hops (even legit ones). For now i'm gonna say -1 unless chandler changed the anti cheat.
  9. Unban Request

    Yeah.. this happened out of the blue http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1332866945 I called Abel about it and he said it was probably the Anti-Cheat.
  10. Unban Request

    @Stranger20 can you get logs for this?
  11. Unban Request

    Username: Answer: Froppy Asui Steam ID: (Optional for MC) Answer: Length of ban: Answer: Perm Time since ban: Answer: about 5 min Who banned you: Answer: Consol Reason for original ban: Answer: Wall climbing using the swep (it said Cheating) Proof(If Possible): Answer: None sorry Unban Reason: Answer: I didn't do anything wrong
  12. [DarkRP] [Omega] Staff Application

    +1 good rper, knows the rules, helps people, is friendly. Everything you could want in a staff member πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. [DARKRP] [KALE] Staff Application

    +1 I haven’t had any issues with you, you are very active and liked by the community and I believe you would make a great addition to the staff team.
  14. Forum Ban?

  15. [DARKRP] [KALE] Staff Application

    This application has been bumped to Tier Three.
  16. [DARKRP] [KALE] Staff Application

    Don't know if this would count because I have voted once already but.. +1
  17. Forum Ban?

    I agree. Lets all just focus on coming together and bringing MG to it's former glory.
  18. applying for staff

    Application Denied! (automatic reply)
  19. Last week
  20. [DARKRP] [KALE] Staff Application

    +1 You were the first person/staff I ever met on mg when you were on Slave rp and I liked you ever since (no homo) and I was really excited when you were accepted last time but then you never showed up and that made me upset but you deserve another chance at staff. I wish you luck my Canadian friend
  21. [DARKRP] [KALE] Staff Application

    +1/-1 I haven't seen you on the server at all that could be me tho, but you have a good application.
  22. Forum Ban?

    Can we try to keep the past in the past? No need to bring it up again.
  23. Forum Ban?

    The main groups of toxic players all hated eachother. There was Kate Awpton's group, You and Banana etc., and then Good Vibes and his friends
  24. Forum Ban?

    The only thing i really did was minor toxicity even then i was never permabanned only had 1-2 2 weeks bans and a few others. I would argue the real root of toxicity back then would be Kate Awpton and his followers.
  25. Forum Ban?

    I would argue that you were such a minge that the community might be better off without you on the server tbh. I'm all for second chances, but you had so many second chances last time
  26. Forum Ban?

    Even if the server was in the state it was when i first joined i wouldnt come back DarkRP is way to stale and mingy (Ironic coming from me) and i prefer other servers within gmod. I can AFK four ALT accounts on there if you want.
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